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Brrrrrr.... Some snow pics of Miss Lex!

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Well Miss Luther (her nickname when she's being a royal pain, "Lexy Luther Super Villian"), was really really needing to release some energy today!! So we bundled up (complete with camera and all!) and headed to the park ..

"Hey is that goose poop I smell? I think it's goose poop, I hope it's goose poop, b/c I LOVE goose poop" :D

"Did you say COOKIE??????"

"Climbing the big mountain, okay hill, no okay it was just a mound of snow:)"

"If I keep as many paws off the ground as possible, they they won't get cold!"

"Sup Mom?"

Of course after all the fun, we had a VERY content dobergirl :)
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How dare you call my Lexi a super villain,she is a complete angel,and such a pretty girl in her snow coat.
brumwolf said:
How dare you call my Lexi a super villain,she is a complete angel,and such a pretty girl in her snow coat.
Obviously she has ensnared you with her mind control to make you believe such things!:devil_2: She's been anything but an angel today!!
Where did you get her outfit? To cute, great pictures...
Miss Luther looks great as usual! I was really expecting more skijouring photos!!

LOL, If I show this thread to Orson he will be dreaming of goose poop for a week! (I will keep it on the down low :D)
She looks great out there. So stylin' in that coat. I love it.
Wow, those goose bones are bigger than I imagined.
LOL Sooz :D

SaddleUp- The coat is a Fido Fleece, I got it off a member here actually, it was too small for their poochie. Fits her perfectly :)
Lexus what a great find, it LOOKS GREAT on her, so warm and soft looking.
What a beautiful Dobe! It looks like you two had a lot of fun out there!
I know, by now you're probably getting tired of the snow, but you'll miss it when it's gone.
She looks great and very pretty in her fleece :)
Gosh, we didnt get ANY snow, and you are still getting it! My poor snow deprived puppies need to come visit Miss Lexy and get some snow playtime in!

Seriously though, great pics :D And what is it with goose, rabbit...weird poop....and dogs. ick!
Great pictures of your girl however Titus and Jada said that Miss Lexi looks very cold and you should immediatley send her to Florida and they will make sure that she gets warmed up nice and fast! :) :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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