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Jorja is now 11 months old,and I am very sad to say we have to find her a new home.She is up to date on all her shots,tail and ears are done and she is spayed...totally trained to go outside to do her business.(can open the door to let herself outside or inside).Our problen is that she is very high energy...and likes to bark when outside ,as we live in a trailor court the barking is a problem...she barks only for happiness, and is only outside to see what is happening or to do her business. she is totally an inside dog!!!! We are looking for a home that has lots of time to spend with her...and where barking is not a problem...She is a truly wonderful puppy,,,also extremley pretty.We would consider a home for her where she will be least 1 person not working in the home and time to spend with her as she is extremley energetic. She is a good watchdog and lets you know when someone is comming...but stops as soon as they are in the house. loves everyone especially children...but is a bit too boisterous for the younger ones.pleas e mail me at [email protected] for more imformation thank you Lynne
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The internet is not a good place to try and rehome a dog. Have you contacted her breeder or perhaps a Doberman rescue in your area?
i thought that this was a good place to find a home for jorja as i want her to go to a home with an experianced doberman owner, and as i live in a very small town I do not have access to anyone looking for a doberman.of course i would screen anyone looking at her..
I did not want to leave it up to a rescue to find her a home, as they would not know her needs as well as i do. I really love this dog and would never let someone take her without first making sure the home was right for her.
Good luck with your heart breaking decision. Try and call your breeder and see if one of her prospective clients would like an older trained pup and you can keep Jorja with you till then. This might take a little time but in the interim why don't you try a bark collar and pay one of the neighbourhood kids some pocket money to give that extra walk for your dog on top of your walks. Sometimes I find when my kids friends take the dog for a walk he comes back extra pooped because of the excitement someone new and oh yeah hi hi hi (if you know what I mean by that). Seriously good luck, hope all works out for you and your little gal.
I'm from BC

and am involved with rescue. Who did you buy your dog from? All responsible breeders will take their dogs back and find great homes for them. The first thing you should do is contact your breeder.

Where in BC are you located.
thankyou for your replies...but taking her back to the breeder is out of the question,when i checked his facility i found 2 female dogs and 1 male...i think they are always pregnant as he seems to always have puppies available. my daughter bought Jorja for me in alberta.the farm she came from seemed fine at that time and very clean, but that was with an appointment!!! She was advertised as home raised with love by a family with 3 children on acerage...but on recent unanounced visits it was not like advertised. I would never let her go there...although they started her on the food i wanted {Holistic puppy}had her first set of shots ,deworming and tail cropped by the recomended vet i sugested ...i found them not to care once they were for a bark collar i have works for only 3 days ..then a new battery..we have also tried a bark control beeper and water controlled collar that shoots a spray of water if they bark...Nothing works as she is extremley smart and knows [bark 2 times for warning ,then stop for 2 minutes]and start again...Please any other this point i will try about anything....shoot the neighbours for complaining about a little barking, as she is only out for short periods of time ...anyway thankyou for trying to help
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Hmm wondering what the dog control bi-laws are actually out your way? Have you phoned to check and see, the actual required barking noise time etc. I know they have rules written out clearly stating it all. Or is it mainly she is to much dog for your family lifestyle, that you need more of a less energizer bunny type. Why don't you privately email ducdobe, as was stated involved with rescue out your way.
ultimatedoby said:
I did not want to leave it up to a rescue to find her a home, as they would not know her needs as well as i do. I really love this dog and would never let someone take her without first making sure the home was right for her.
Hi, sorry about your hard decision with your girl.

Dobe rescues are generally a great group of caring and very dog savvy dog people. The good and serious Dobe rescues usually have interviews and contracts with the potential adopters and evaluate them very closely to see if they would be a good match for the particular dog. They know Dobermans as a breed very well and are good at getting a feeling for each individual Dobe and they would place her in a wonderful home, and they do have lots of contacts and your girl would stand a better chance of finding that wonderful forever home with their assistance.

Contact Duncdobe, or maybe MaryandDobes, they can help.

Good luck with finding her the perfect home.
I am in BC and am owned by an adopted dobe as well I foster for Doberman Rescue BC (I also do MinPin rescue). I suggest contacting Terra and she will might be able to help you. If you can convince my husband I would LOVE another dobe! I have a feeling I know what breeder you went to in Alberta, and that's ok. If you don't have a contract you should re-home her. That aside you can work on training her but it's going to be hard, trailer parks are busy and you will need the cooperation of your neighbors. When we moved to our new home it was horrible, as Mocha could see over the fence, so with time and patience we taught her that she can only bark IF they touch the fence or come on the property.

Rescues ARE a good thing, we live with the dogs until we know what they need, we take into consideration what the owner knows and what we learn. That being said we don't always have to take dogs into our homes and do referrals. If the situation gets desperate there is a warm home for her to go to, we don't ever want to see them in a shelter if we don't have too.
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What kind of excerise does your baby get? If she is full of energy maybe a good long walk or two a day would help wear her out. It couldnt hurt to try it at least until you are able to find her a good home.
Exercise was our only saving grace with Mocha! When she was younger OMG I couldn't NOT exercise her. Even today she has tons of energy but if I skip a day here or there it won't be horrible as it was when she was younger.
I'm going to echo TJMom -
When Chi was 11 months old, I was ready to ship her off to Brum or Kratty or Lex - oh maybe I could have even raffled her off to the three of them LOL. Saying she was engergetic would have been an understatement. She needed tons of exercise to be any kind of pleasure in the house. She's still the same at 18 months but is starting to calm down a bit.
I can't help but think that if you were to reconsider rehoming her and become VERY diligent at providing her with adequate exercise (adequate = a lot) you'll be rewarded in the end.
It's not easy and it takes sacrifice of sleep on my end (up at 5 am to give her a quick run before getting kiddo up for school), making sure to get another couple walks or a good hard play session in during the day too isn't easy but she's worth it. Without the walks and play sessions she's virtually impossible in the house but with them, she's much calmer and not as reactionary or barky when we're out. You can always tell if I've slacked on her walks - if she's antsy or has been cooped up for a day or so, she'll bark like mad at a blowing leaf but with adequate exercise she's pretty laid back.
It's hard, I live in military housing (small and crowded) with no fenced yard and neighbors that love to complain. My life in many ways revolves around the dogs but that's a decision I made when I decided to own dogs....
The teenage phase and Jorga is there now is hard but it's not forever...
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Ditto to Tracy Jo. My boy Gaston just turned 2 in Oct. and he was nuts and wild at Jorga's age. I only got Roxy this past June and it sure lightend my load as far as exercising. I know not everyone has that option but it still boils down to exercise lots of it, time & patience.
I second TJ Mom and Tracy Jo. Exercising them is an important factor to satisfy their activity level. My girl just turned two recently and I did see a reduction in her activity level. Its more manageable but still needs to be exercised daily. Its still once a day during the week and twice a day on weekends. But now,during the day, she is not bouncing off the walls. I always associated their activity level as puppies as a small nuclear reactor going super critical, all the time.

A good twenty minute play session once a day should help, at least it works for us right now. Once the energy is released, she is a nice quiet doggy again. Plus its a nice break for me for not thinking about work.
I agree to some extent. However, I think that one should balance exercise with mental stimulation as well. The exercise is great, but if done too much all you are doing is building endurance. Then they need more and more .... ;)

This is also a thinking breed as well as a physical one. Work their minds as well as their bodies and you will have a tired, happy, well behaved doberman. :)
Sundobe is right, I forgot their brains as well as their body needs exercise.
Please contact me

and I'll give you the name of our rescue contact person.
You're right Sundobe - I can see as almost as much difference in Chi after a tracking lesson as I do after 20 minutes of frisbee.
TracyJo said:
You're right Sundobe - I can see as almost as much difference in Chi after a tracking lesson as I do after 20 minutes of frisbee.
Isnt it amazing how much tracking takes out of them???? I guess just because they get so into what they are doing (I guess the have to) really does wear them down!
Umm... about the barking problem, may I suggest a site that is often helpful to me... some people do not like Ed's training methods or him, but he is good at what he does from what I can see. Good luck and God Bless!!
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