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Hey Forum,

So I will be bringing home a Red male European Dobermann puppy home in about two weeks. We've never had a dog in our house. We have owned about 5 dogs at one time in another country, my mom also bred our female German Shephard once and sold the puppies. Again this was all in another country. So im just wondering what kind of things I need to get to prepare for the puppies arrival. I want to be prepared. Were gonna buy the toys, food, and dog bed soon. What else do I need?



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These are good puppy things... pick and choose what applies for you!

-Ear posting supplies
Duct tape
Johnson & Johnson zonas tape
3m vet wrap
Backer rod in 5/8"
Caldesene powder
(see posting tutorial for their uses)

-General supplies
Ex Pen
Arm&Hammer pet stain/odor eliminator spray
Raw Bones

-Training stuff
20' training leash
Training class
Bell for door (potty training)

-Good toys
Puppy Kong
Tough Stuffie

Sirai Dobermans
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Make sure you puppyproof your house too - take a look at what is reachable by the puppy (they grow fast so look everywhere) and put away anything dangerous. Check out the list of poisonous plants and make sure that you don't have any within range.
Good advice.

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Keep in mind that this crate will last a very short time :) I bought one of the metal crates that had a divider in it so I could section it down for potty training.

Can't wait for pics!
True enough. I think i might buy a metal crate possibly one like you say with a divider! So he doesnt feel like hes not a part of the pack. I wouldnt want him to be in a dark fiberglass crate

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A brush to get puppy comfortable with grooming.

Toe nail clipper &/or Dremmel grinder.

Food - do your research / quality counts...for the life, of a dog.
- I feed a pup "all-life stages" organic/holistic kibble / we didn't buy puppy food

Be consistent, from day1
- all family members knows the dog rules & boundaries (if any).
- is allowed to jump on couch, during the day (or not) ?
- is allowed to lick plates (or not) ?
- sleep in masters or kids bed, at night (or not) ?
We answered YES, to the our $150 dog bed (LL Bean) and wire crate was stored away.
(after a month or two...our pup ignored these 2 items - and would cry non-stop, in a crate)
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