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If THIS is the breeder you are referring to, there are a few red flags that might not be so obvious to the first time dog buyer. This is my honest opinion.

They offer a 5% discount for buying multiple dogs at one time. No reputable breeder would ever think this is a good idea.

They place puppies betwee 8-9 weeks of age. This is fairly young, and does not offer ample socialization time. This also shows that they do not crop the puppies before homing.

As far as testing is concerned, they only seem to do VwD, OFA and Thyroid testing. There is nothing about DCM (Holter), which as you mentioned, killed your last Doberman.

They offer a health guarantee that covers congenital defects up to 12 months. Most congenital problems may not be detectible until the dog is 2 years of age.

They advertise their dogs as "Superior" sized. Anything over regular Standard size is not superior and could cause health problems due to poor conformation.

I would be wary, though I do not have direct experience with this breeder.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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