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In conformation, Junior's are judged for their handling skills. The points are awarded to the Junior not the dog. Many Juniors use dogs that are already championed. I can't say enough about the good things my daughter has learned (e.g., self confidence, poise, dressing up without being told) in the short time she has been showing. We are going to another match in Charlotte tomorrow. It only cost $5.00 to preregister. Em will show in Juniors and also in the breed ring. She doesn't like to compete against adults, but she can hold her own against other owner-handlers at a match show. I don't think there is a minimum age for showing in confirmation. So, theoretically, I believe my 10 year old could put points on a dog if she was a good enough handler. I wish I had more time to write, but dinner calls, so here are a couple of links.

For more Junior info see:

BIB, did you know AKC is getting into the working dog act?
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