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Breathe right strips for ears?

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Hi, everyone. I found the info on using breathe right strips for ears really interesting. It looks easy and I think I am going to try it on my 5 1/2mo Bella. Her ears stand up, but her tips are flopped. You guys are all saying its not too late, so i want to try. I saw your post with pic and explanation, easy enough. What I need clarified is how long do you keep the strip on the ear without causing any problems. like do I change the strip once a week? Dont adhesives breakdown skin if used long term. Or does she wear them part of the day? If someone can help me I would appreciate it. thanks:emo8:
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Petey is definitely not done being a handful! Bella has been eating pine needles and pine cones in the backyard for 2 days and throwing them up. Yoou think that she would get it?
Ha ha ha..........

Let the fun begin....Petey will be trained with the fence soon...they he will be outside more.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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