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Boo Hooo a new diet...

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Well, went to vet yesterday... and now most of the dogs are on a diet.. Spirit is 110lbs... Gypsy is 95lbs and Raven is 80lbs.. I know it is our fault as we have not had the time to give them the exercise that they need.. we feed all the dogs 3 cups of food a day and a can of vegs each meal to split.. well now we are going down to 2 1/2 cups a day..Poor Spirit.. I could hear his tummy growling this morning.. He has been hitting his bowl to tell me he is hungry too... I feel like such a bad mommy.... I don't want my kids to be fat.. as soon as I get back from vacation I am really going to also try to teach the dogs to walk on the treadmil... Poor dogs...I really feel for them... I hate going on a diet...
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Aww poor doberkids. I also have the cats on a diet so I kinda know what you are going through. I hope your kids lose the extra "padding" soon. My husbands family tease us about Gracie being to thin. But they also forget she is a dobe and is suppose to be thin. She has a little pouch, which I think she may have been a mother at one point in time. But really I can't tell for sure.
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