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Boo Hooo a new diet...

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Well, went to vet yesterday... and now most of the dogs are on a diet.. Spirit is 110lbs... Gypsy is 95lbs and Raven is 80lbs.. I know it is our fault as we have not had the time to give them the exercise that they need.. we feed all the dogs 3 cups of food a day and a can of vegs each meal to split.. well now we are going down to 2 1/2 cups a day..Poor Spirit.. I could hear his tummy growling this morning.. He has been hitting his bowl to tell me he is hungry too... I feel like such a bad mommy.... I don't want my kids to be fat.. as soon as I get back from vacation I am really going to also try to teach the dogs to walk on the treadmil... Poor dogs...I really feel for them... I hate going on a diet...
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Oh I know.. I really feel for poor Spirit the most..I taught him to hit his bowl to tell me when he was hungry.. Now poor dog is going round licking all the bowls and hitting them Bad Mommy.. I am upping the vegs.. to fill in.. but it is so hard.. I really hope when I get back we can get them on the treadmil that would really help.. Hubby feels bad, he is a postman and walks 8 or so mile a day 6 days a week and he is beat tired when he comes home and then me with a really bad back.. Heck I can hardly go shopping sometimes.. Well, we are all really going to work on getting out more and getting the dogs more excerise.. that is all there is to it.. It is for their health and ours..
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