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Awwh poor kids :( But you're doing what's best for them really. It's hard this time of year too, just to cold and nasty to get out with them everyday and exercise them, not to mention the kaos that is the holidays anyway. Good luck on the diet. Try upping the veggies a little more as a filler for them maybe.

Lexus is putting on a few pounds too, she's gained about 6-7ish pounds that she really should lose. But I upped her food when the weather started turning, and I'm just now getting it back where it should be. I had noticed she was a little heavier (my supermodel still has a little tuck to her tummy! Just not like she did!!), but it really drove it home when my oldest started teasing me about her getting fat! Needless to say, he's grounded. (not really! They know Lex is "Momma's little Angel" so they love to rib me about her.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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