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Blood in stool. What could this be?

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This isn't my Doberman that is having this problem, it is my almost 14 year old pit/lab/shephard. He has had diarrhea starting yesterday and my dogwalker just called and said he had thrown up and gone to the bathroom in the house (he has not had an accident since he was 7 months old). He woke me up three times last night to go out. There was blood in the stool today apparently and drops of blood throughout the house. Obviously, I need to go to the vet asap, but if anyone has any idea of what could be wrong can you let me know. I am at work losing my mind over this.
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Wow, It could be a number of things. I hope you can get him in to the Vets soon. Make sure he has plenty of water. Hope he's ok. :(
Is the blood in the poop or on top of it? Is there mucus? Take a fresh sample with you to the vet as well. It could be a lot of things. Isabelle had a growth in her colon that was in the way of the poop and she had poop with blood on it, not in it. Keep us posted. We will be thinking of you.
lanabna keep us posted and hope he is well soon.
My dogwalker said it was hard to tell if the blood came first or last because it was really watery. There was definately mucus in what I cleaned up outside this morning. What could mucus mean? I can't get into my regular vet until Saturday morning but may have to go to the urgent care (eventhough I don't care for the vets there).
Blood and mucus in the stool can be alot of things. I can't believe your vet will not see your dog when it has blood in the stool and is vomitting.
No, it is not my vet that won't see him - it is my boss that won't let me leave during the vets hours.....
Blood and mucus in the stool can be alot of things. I can't believe your vet will not see your dog when it has blood in the stool and is vomitting.
I agree. What kind of vet is this? Sorry this makes me mad, don`t want to upset you anymore than you already are.
We have had blood in Coppers` stool before. Stress I think was the cause one time. Another time it was a virus he picked up probably from one of our walks. Took him to the vet. They put an IV in him and gave him fluids and sent me home with antibiodics. Vet said it was going around.
Either way I wouldn`t mess with it. You said this was day 2 and you don`t want him to dehydrate. Take him to someone who will see him. (Poor guy)
No, no, I love my is my boss that won't let me leave to take Bo to the I may have to go to the urgent care and I never found them to be that caring. I just want him to be ok.....his age concerns me. And I freak out whenever any of my dogs are the least bit ill, so this is really worrying me.
Lanabana, I think you might have to be "sick" tomorrow.....
Hope he'll be ok.
Not to be a broken record, but blood in the stool can be lots of things. It could be something as simple as intestinal parasites, but with his age factered in............?? I hope it is nothing too serious.

Good luck, big prayers.............keep us posted.
I hope everything goes ok. I would not wait to go to the vet. I know you don't care for the urgent care vet, but your dogs health might be more important than your preferance. I had a SP that had blood in his stool with mucous and vomiting. He was infested with whipworms and hookworms. By the time he showed the signs of it, it was very progressed. He was a gem at hiding his illnesses. If I didn't get him to the vet that day, he wouldn't have lasted through the next day. He was very anemic and stayed at the vet for a week for treatment. You don't know what is causing his issue. It could be a number of things. If it is blood recurring, it isn't something to wait out usually.
I know, the crazy part is that I called in sick yesterday - before all of this started. How ironic is that? I am such a worry wart and I am entering panic mode...I just want to get out of here and get home to him.
I hope you can get Bo to "someone" as soon as possible, I would not be comfortable with him going on day two with diarrhea and now with blood.

Let us know, we will keep Bo in our thoughts.
I agree it could be something that needs medical attention soon. Or it could be the blood is irratation from the diarrhea. Better to be safe than sorry especially at the age. Good luck.
We have a vet appt tonight. I watched him all last night and he didn't throw up or have diarrhea (but I figure that is because he had nothing in his system). We are seeing the doc at 7:30p.m. so I will post the outcome. He is with my neighbor all day today so that he will be monitored. If he gets sick during the day I will just leave work.
Good. Hopfully it's nothing too bad. Let us know.
I was going to say, could someone else like your dog walker or a friend or neighbor take him for you? But at least you have an appointment tonight. Good luck!
hopefully everything turns out well, keep us posted, you"ll be in our thoughts
Any updates?
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