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How much exercise do the kids get? Chihiro is about the same age as your kiddos and I can tell you if she doesn't get her daily walks and play times to wear her out she drives poor Petri crazy. I swear Petri would drink if he could LOL
I walk her a good 20-30 min twice a day at a pretty fast clip and then several games of fetch throughout the day and if I have time I take her to the tennis courts to run. She never completely wears out but she's alot less mouthy and rambunctous (sp) with Petri and YoYo the cat.
OR if she gets bored in the house she "attacks" Petri (now she doesn't really attack him but she bugs the hell out of him by being mouthy and pushing him to play). When she does that I will take an empty water bottle and put a handful of kibble in it, she'll knock it around the floor trying to get the kibble out and leave Petri alone (Petri is faster than she is and generally get the kibble so it's a game they both love :) Have to get a buster cube but I priced them at the pet shop over here last week and it was like $125.00, I'm sure I can order it cheaper though...

I read once that a happy Dobe is a tired Dobe. I have found this to be the most accurate statement ever.
Good luck
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