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We have almost made it to the 2 year mark. We adopted him from DARE right before the pandmeic started. I'm so happy we picked him up. He has been a challenge, but he's a keeper. We have now got him to a reasonable weight. He was 111 and now he's about 92 at last count. The man just wants to eat! The vet wants him at 90. We caught our neighbor feeding him over the fence. We had him on a diet about a year ago and could not figure out why he was getting bigger....well that was the issue. It happened so much he would go out and bark at the fence for food! He does love his green beans. He's been through training but he still can decide he does like someone show some aggression. He has not bite anyone since May of 2020. I think the isolation of the pandemic has made him more cautious with strangers. He has never show us any aggression. We just have to be careful with him around strangers. He is a nice boy.

Oh, the nice boy ate 4 cinnamon rolls Sunday morning... I was putting them in the trash and the can was too full and they fell out...before I could pick them up...he ran over and pick up as many as he could get in his mouth and ran off. He's a hog!
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