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Big day for Odin

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LOL first stuffy kill

My first attempt at posting note that he was AMAZING!! I did it all by myself and he was so good, didn't move or make it difficult for me at all.

He experienced his first zoomies lol it lasted about an hour, I have video but can't show it : ( because it was at work at the hippa laws.

He attempted to play with my boyfriends parents dogs but they didn't really know what to do lol they did not play with.

I bought him a new toy that he really loves, its the no stuff toy with 2 squeaker, hes been throwing it around as if he killed it.

He is going to sleep hard tonight.
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LOL, love the stuffy kill shot.
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He has the I didn't do it look lol >_<
the end of the day

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adorable little guy!
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