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I am just so excited about my dobe. He is by far one of the most eager to please dogs that I have ever owned. He is so smart, and picks up on things so quickly.

At 4 1/2 months he knows:
Lay down
Shake paw (both paws)
He plays fetch
Place (I indicate with my right or left hand on which side of me I'd like him to lay down)
He also has a routine for eating. He must Place. Then I open the door put his food outside and he must wait until I give him the ok.
When I open any door he must sit and wait until I give him to ok to enter. (this helped a ton so Diesel doesn't plow over me or my toddler. : )

I just had to share! I love my dobe so much he was a great addition for our family.

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Keep up the great work... Sounds like a winwin situation and you both are being rewarded.
The door manners are excellent, my little 9 wk old has started to catch onto the door deal very good and it is great bcuz we have cats that like going outside often. I am working on the down command in general and then changing the door entry\exit to that soon.
It just makes life so much easier!!!!
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