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Dobes stole my heart <3
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Today Bella is 1 year old!! its hard to believe time has gone by so quickly!! She has gone from a little cuddly wiggly puppy to a big goofy dober girl!

I will post some more photos of her party later. She is getting a special treat and will share it with her big sister!

Alpha SheepDog
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Happy Birthday Bella!!!!
Party down, I'll have to crank up some AC/DC "Givin the dog, the bone"
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Dobes stole my heart <3
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As promised, some photos from the day.

This was what woke me up this morning (and every morning)

Nexus telling Bella its HER momma and she needs to go away

you see how well that worked

go away its my birthday!

Later in the day, visiting Grandpa

Nexus wants love too

big baby

Im not looking at you ...

lemme outta heere!

really mom?

you know what Im thinking ...

"le sigh"

nom noms

I know its up here, I can smell it!

party girls

just give me the nom noms and you wont get hurt ..

yes .. those nom noms

I mean it ..

come on dad, Bella's getting angry

YAY nom noms finally!!

did we drop any?

thats it?
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