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Bella the rottweiler?!?!

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So, one of my husbands coworkers came by the house not long ago and he brought his 16 yr. old daughter with him, Bella needed to go potty and when I let her out the back door, the girl was like "OMG!! that is the skinniest rottie I have ever seen" her dad said "no hun that is a doberman" :emo:

Just had to share that one :biggrin55

Anyone else ever have this happen to them??
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ahahahahaha! .:roflmao: rottweilers are my favorite breed, and the ear difference alone makes me laugh.

thanks for sharing that!
I've not had mine called a rottie but I have had her referred to as a Dachshund if you can believe that!!! And a Greyhound.

Both times at the vets office, the first was when she was about 5 months old and had quite a size on her, the lady said to her grandchild "look, a dog like 'Penny'." So of course I assumed Penny was a dobe, but someone ask her what kind of dog she had she told them she had Penny her Dachshund. :stop:

So then about a month ago I had DaKari at the vets and this teenage girl and her father came in. The girl kept looking at DaKari and talking to her dad, I looked over and he said, "my daughter thinks she is pretty, she looks so slim and her shape, that's a greyhound isn't it." :11doh:

I said, "no, she's a doberman pinscher" and to that they said, "ohhhhhhhhh, yikessssssss". In other words, the dog was a sweetheart for the 3 minutes she was a greyhound but as soon as she turned back into the Dobe that she is she became very vicious!

People amuse me!
I take Cole for walks along the Delaware/Raritan canal. He likes to get in the water, so I wipe him down before we get back in the car. Well, one day while I was wiping him down, a father and son came along and stopped to look. The little boy commented on how pretty Cole was and wanted to know what kind of dog he was.

I heard the dad reply, "Its a Great Dane." Well, I ignored him so the dad says to me, "That's a Great Dane. Isn't it?" "No, he's a Doberman." "Nice dog" the dad said as he bustled his little boy away.
The very first day I brought Chi home, my neighbor (a self professed former Doberman "breeder") asked me if she was a Miniature or Standard Dobe! I could only roll my eyes at that one.
Then just the other day at the barn a man (who was proud to inform me that he is a registered ADBA Pit breeder) felt obligated to inform me that although Pits will readily turn on children, Dobes were just crazy and would turn on anyone or anything without a moments hesitation. I asked why he thought they did that - can you guess his answer??? Because their brain grows to big for their skull was his immediate response! Who would have guessed? :)
Wow - those are funny stories :) Usually they ask about isabelle - I always assumed that they didn't realize that she's a dobe because she has natural ears :)
I was asked if the girls would be "FULL SIZE" Dobermans.
I was asked if the girls would be "FULL SIZE" Dobermans.

Yeah that one really makes me laugh!
Indy's been mistaken for a Great Dane too. Geez, he's big, but he's not that big!

And people amaze me with their misconceptions about Dobermans. Last weekend we were at the park and a man asked if Indy was a Doberman. We said yes, to which he replied, "Aren't Dobermans mean?" This is after his 13 year old Golden mix went after our boy and Indy was as nice as could be about it. But since he is the Doberman, he is the mean one!
They see the color and think Rottie. I get that sometimes. "oh wow, what is that? A rottweiler?". I want to start laughing. "Does this look like the face of a rott? LOL... People, man. People.. LOL
Gracie is really a lab. A woman was over and kept saying how pretty of a lab Gracie is. I was a little ummm drunk you could say. So I explained that Gracie is truely a very ugly lab, is to thin and weird colors and the nose well let's not even go there. The woman left my house with a bad taste in her mouth about me and my DOBERMAN!!! I told her several times that she isn't a lab she is in deed a doberman.
How funny! My best friend has black and white Great Danes that are of course, you guessed it, Dalmations! And what a story about the Pit "breeder".
Will readily turn on children!!!!! ?? What a crock of s***!! That man should be neutered.
I remember a long time ago some ******* hillbilly guy called my cousins Dobie a Black and Tan Coonhound lol. I had to go home and google coonhound online, because I never heard of one before. That was pretty interesting.

As for my Spaniel Mix lucky, who is a complete mutt, people have told me he is part German Shepherd, Brittany Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Pyrenees, and even a Pit.......:confused2

I just nod and keep walking:biggrin55 .
My dobie is another "lab".
I had to laugh at my ex-husband who came to my house when Apollo was about 4 months old. "Ooh, that's a nice dog... it's a lab, isn't it?"

uummm... no.

Did I mention he's my EX husband? lol!

And I don't know about anyone else, but I get angry when people say they have "mini dobermans". Grrr! I can't help myself - I have to tell them how wrong they are every single time I hear it.
When Orson has been mistaken, it is generally with a rottie..........but hey, at least they have the colors right!

I have seen some crazy cases of mistaken identity posted on other sites!! The most recent one was a black/white Australian Shepherd (I believe).....and they were asked if it was an Irish Setter!!............ HELLO!! I would have thought even the most uninformed person knew an Irish Setter was RED!! LOL :D
I think one time someone came up thinking duchess might have been a greyhound cause the long :) hehe
I get the common wiem comment on Harmony. I have had one person call me a liar. Guess the markings didn't get through to her. Asher is usually called out as a doberman. If not, they just ask what he is. His color usually confuses them. Doodle has been mistaken for so many mixes. I guess they don't come in purebred poodles anymore. Cut and all. :D
Don'tcha just love how complete strangers are so free with their opinions of your Dobe? Even worse, I think are the people who pull their children away from your Dobe on the sidewalk even though a) she is walking nicely, minding her own business b) Doberleaning into you at the red light and c) not paying the slightest bit of attention to their children. You would think Java was frothing at the mouth, snarling and exposing her fangs. Their ignorance knows no bounds....You should stop by our DP, DreamDoby - several standard poodles, even a gorgeous slate grey one, cut and all. I can't get over how smart those dogs are!
You should stop by our DP, DreamDoby - several standard poodles, even a gorgeous slate grey one, cut and all. I can't get over how smart those dogs are!
It is nice to know they are still out there. I love it when they ask what "her" name is. I tell them Doodle. So they say "oh, what type of doodle is she?" Most laugh.
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