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Pilot is a very smart boy...these one figure mom &/dad, is my best buddy - for life...and I never be far away, in phyical body or voice.

Doesn't matter if he came from a shelter (or not) / mine came from a good breeder at 8 weeks old.
- 9 weeks old she learned how to lick the contents very clean, in the dishwasher / steak knives, not neven a concern / no cuts in 11 years
- Amy always get last bite, of our food...and really enjoys licking our plates totally clean / before wash
It is our treat to her (for being our angle) and she is what we wanted...and dreamed for / almost humanly intelligent.
(could be worse...LOL)
All the good ones beg for attention / just consider yourself lucky...seekng honest LOVE 4-you !!
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