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Welcome, and best of luck. Like mentioned, taking in a 6 year old dog can potentially be pricey, so I would think about that pretty good.

In terms of food, I wouldn't just look at the price of the bag. Keep in mind, that with the better, (often more expensive) foods your dog will eat less. So, as an example, if you find a cheap food, for say 25 a bag, and a better food, for 45 a bag. If your dog eats less with the better food (less fillers, better nutrition, so dog eats less) it could actually work out to be a better deal for you, plus it's a better food.

Here's an example... Our pooch came to us on Iams, which is very low quality, and also very cheap. She ate a ton of it. We switched her to Wellness, which was about twice the price. She started eating just about half as much of the food. Then, factor in that with some of the stores around here, they do something like buy 10 bags of food, get 1 free for the more expensive ones. (not all at once, it can be spread out over time) So, if you look at it like that, even though the food we now use is double the price, we are actually saving money at the end of the year. When I did the math, I think i'm saving something like $35 a year by using the higher quality kibble. $35 is peanuts at the end of the year, but like I said, it's a significantly higher quality, which is going to give your dog more energy, less stinky farts, a nice coat, along with the health benefits.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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