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So we are in the current process of looking for a doberman cant tell you how long i have wanted one well since I was a kid last time I had one. But now we are settled and looking for that perfect dobie to add to our home.

We found a dog we think still need to meet her before any decisions will be made. But before we do get any dobie I want to make sure I do plenty of research in a few areas my first one is finding a good food that is in our budget no more then 30 bucks for a big bag. We live in a very small town so most likely we will have to find something online and order it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated the particular dog we are looking at is 6 years old she's on the smaller side for dobies I believe about 65lbs. Her owner has mentioned he has her on Iams right now & he has experimented with a few foods but he says one thing he has noticed about once a month or so she seems to have problems were she gets sick he has taken her to the vets with the suggestion of trying another food. I know when I was a kid my parents fed our dog a lamb n rice food that seem to work for our dog but dont remember what the brand was but anyways any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I cant wait for us to find our forever new friend
I'm not sure where you're getting this Doberman from; but you'll want to be sure to budget for vet expenses. Dobermans tend to have health issues, and if this Doberman is the product of a byb, the risk is much higher.

Also, keep in mind when looking for the best value in a dog food that you need to also factor in the amount to be fed. Many of the 'lower priced' dog foods require feeding significantly more food than a premimum brand.

Good luck in your search; I hope you find the perfect Dobie soon!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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