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Beagle and Dobe

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Ok, so here are my two 'pups'. Nala, the Beagle, is 3 yrs old, and Sherman is just shy of 11 weeks. Yes, he is already as tall as she is, maybe a touch taller.

BTW, I have started to lightly walk him on a leash, just to get him used to the feeling. Is it too early? I'm not pulling on him or anything...
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Both Nala and Sherman are adorable. Congrats on your new dobie puppy.

I've always started my puppies early on the least, at least getting them used to it. I'd say 11 weeks is not too early to get them used to the feeling. I have no clue how soon Jordan was started but at 14 weeks when we got him he was very comfortable on the leash and I think will train very well on it. We do mostly loose leash in the yard at this point because I don't know his vaccination schedule before hand but once his shots are up to date to my comfort I'll get him out for more formal walking and training.
OMG that is the cutest picture...Nala has the sweetest little face....and Sherman is adorable. I don't think it is too early...I kept my pups on a long lead in the house for the first month of them living there....Are you leaving Sherman's ears floppy?
How cute! I love the tilt of the head! We use to have a beagle and a dobie. They had a lot of fun together until the beagle got old and then she would just bark at the dobie whenever he wanted to play - and boy could she barK!
What a pair! They are too cute. I think starting them out early with positive experience makes a huge difference.
Yes, I am keeping them floppy... Also, I am walking him on a loose lead along with Nala when we go for our walks.
Glad to hear his ears are staying floppy! I LOVE natural ears!! They are too darn cute together!
They are just to cute. I agree with the positive leash walking. Its not to early.
What a beautiful pair of babies,although i have a tendancy for athletic breeds i have always loved the look of a Beagle and Nala is very sweet looking,and Sherman has that look of mischief about him(it's the kind of "butter wouldn't melt" look)
Cute. Enjoy it now while they are the same size. Before yoy know it Sherman will be towering over Nala.
What a couple of cuties. To ghet Java used to the leash when she was a pup, I took a suggestion from 'Puppies for Dummies' and tied one end of the leash to my belt loop, and it helped her follow me around the house and kitchen while I was doing chores. Just stayed on the main floor, no stairs. Only did the exercise for 10-15 minutes at a time. TONS o' praise when she followed nicely.
Glad to hear his ears are staying floppy! I LOVE natural ears!! They are too darn cute together!
I love them floppy, too. Every day I like them more and more and I just find them so expressive.

On another note, Sherman has a slight case of diarrhea that just started today. :( I wonder why.? He is on the same food (Innova). Maybe he ate something he shouldnt?..
They are just adorable. I agree with everyone I dont think that it is too early for the lead. I started walking Jada on the lead when we brought her home. Just to get her used to it as she had never been on one. It was always a loose lead.
How long have you had Sherman?
Since the day he was 8 weeks.. so about 19 or 20 days..
Your two munchkins are s...........o cute!
OMG that is a cute picture! What beautiful pups you have. 11 weeks isn't too early at all to start walking on leash. I usually get the puppies I breed used to a leash somewhere around 7-8 weeks old.
oh they are so cute... I agree.. it is never too early to start leash training, even if it is only indoors.. lots of praise and good vibs.. As for the runs.. puppies get into so many things that we never know of ..a little pure pumpkin does wonders.. if it contiues or get worse run to the Vet..
What a very cute picture!
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