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I always thought Petri was a yappy little fool until I babysat a min pin named Snickers. Petri would bark if someone came to our door or walked through our front yard; Snickers would bark if the guy down the road thought about walking down the street! Thankfully, I don't have that problem with Chihiro unless I have the front door open with only the screen door shut.
Currently that is the case and the kids are in the front yard playing. Of course, she wants to be right at that door barking at every move. She's not too thrilled that she has her leash on and is being forced to stay at my side :)
I think you have several options to deal with this. 1. restrict his access to the window. 2. teach him to bark on command - ironic, I know - you gain control of barking when you teach them to "speak", what you can teach to turn on, you can teach to turn off. 3. Try spending a few days with him on the leash and by your side - a pain in the butt, trust me I know - but you have him right there with you and can quickly correct his inappropriate barking. Warning for this method: Don't sit in a swivel computer chair that has wheels, chances are, he'll hear or see something the first second you let your guard down and you'll end up flying down the hallway, spinning out of control behind him (just about happened here are few minutes ago:) Age and maturity might help too.
If you've done any clicker training or are interested in clicker training, this can be easily modified with great timing and a little patience. You can teach him the one bark rule. He barks once or not at all, he gets a reward, he barks more than once, no reward. You would have set up the situation, or be prepared when it occurs spontaneously. Have a clicker and treats ready and him familiar with the clicker and what it means (can explain how to do that if you aren't familiar with it). As soon as he alerts to someone/thing outside the window, but before he barks, click and treat - that should put his attention on you. If he barks, no treat. It will take several sessions but eventually he'll focus on you when someone walks down the road. This way he's still alerting you that someone is approaching but isn't barking his fool head off :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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