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Oreokitty said:
It might be.. not a hot spot but something to do with being bored.. Kohl had it.. Where they lick and lick the spot till it is raw
My Jack Russell did this for awhile... My family was away alot during the day plus us kids got really busy with school, and then I went away for university... so she was stressed that I was away (She was my dog), plus lack of attention due to the busynessof school... But once we realized what was happening we realized we needed to set 2 times a day where she could be walked diligently and given some quality one on one time. This really helped her get back to normal. And the weekends I came home I spent a lot of time with her... After a few weeks her raw spots were gone.

Best of luck finding the cause of this.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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