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Are you looking to add another Doberman to your family?

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We have some in rescue that desperately need fosters or adopters. We do adopt out of state. This was the email plea I received:

Following dogs need foster: All but one (Rocky) can be seen on the website

-Kelly: 3 year old very quiet, hardly know she's there type dog, cropped and flopped VERY small (about 45 lbs) spayed female, is fine with everyone and everything. She's not done a thing to the cats that are where she is now....She's just a girl with VERY sad eyes, very quiet, clearly has been bred several times, is small, VERY sweet, rides well in a car, and just a girl you hardly know is there. She's not a problem at all

-Konan: 1-1.5 year old neutered natural eared males loves EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING. Easy going, needs some manners, most willing to learn, personality PLUS,

-Westin: natural eared neutered 2 year old male LOVES everybody and everything, including cats..... gentle, sweet,

-Rocky: cropped/docked black and rust male 4 years of age likes to sleep IN the bed, is crate trained, and that's all I know about him. He's a owner turn in....

A Doberman Adoption Placement Team (ADAPT)
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Your description of Kelly makes me want to scoop her up right now. She sounds like a love.
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Thank you for posting this information. Hopefully they will all find their new loving forever homes soon.
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