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Dobedad said:
There's somewhere around 12,000 Dobermans registered in the U.S. (according to the latest publication i read). Spread that all across the U.S. and it leaves a lot of gaps! Whats that about 1 doberman for every 25,000-30,000 people?

In my city of about 350,000 people i've met 5 dobermans (although i'm in canada), that includes mine who i've had for a year and a half.

I would agree that their popularity is down from the past likely because of their reputation but less demand is probably a good thing!
Per the March 2006 AKC Gazette: In 2005 there were 11,662 NEW Dobermans registered with the AKC - that of course does not count all the unregistered Dobes or Dobermans registered with organizations like the CKC(Continental Kennel Club NOT to be confused with the Canadian Kennel Club: CKC). That number put them #21 in popularity in the USA. In 2004 there were 11,725 new registrations and they were #22. I think it really depends on where you live as to what kinds of dogs you will see the most of. Dobermans are not rare where I live, but they are not commen either....thank goodness!
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