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Apple Cider!!

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I had mentioned Bruno's scratching and possible mite problem. Or allergies. But the more I see him scratch the more I think it's mites (ugh--btw how do they get these? I heard puppies get it from their moms. But Bruno is 6 months and I've had him since 7 weeks....he only started this since late January. Just wondering how he could have gotten them).

Anyway, I went and bought some ACV like Tracy Jo had said. But do I feed him it with his food? Or do I rub him down with it? I don't think the lady at the health store understood what I was saying lol. Because I told her it was for my Dog, for itchiness. She said it could be used to drink or on the body. But I'm wondering if she heard me say DOG lol. So I'm just wondering, do I feed him it, or basically bath him in it?

I need the itching to stop. The poor guy is always scratching and now he's making his ear's bleed a little bit because he's scartching his face so much :( It's so hard to see. So I need to try anything to stop the itching. If he's not better by Friday he has to see the vet again for possible skin scrapings.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)
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Sorry to hear about Bruno's scratchy problem. I have been adding ACV to Princi's food every night since I started the raw diet. I think I also read somwhere on this site that you could dilute it in water and give him a bath with it.

Do you supplement his diet with anything for the skin/coat? That might also help if you don't.

Good Luck
Oh Lexus THANK YOU!! That site is great :D Thanks.
You don't have to dilute it unless there are open sores. Just give him a sponge bath in ACV. Let it dry on him. He will smell like a salad for a few days. :)
LMB, is he just scratching at his ears (ear mites) or all over? I ask because if he's itchy all over, it could very likely be a food allergy. My Oscar (same age as Bruno) had this reaction whenever his kibble contained corn (Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc.). I got rid of the corn ingredients and Oscar got rid of the itching pronto and has been fine ever since. ACV is fine, but I say find the source of the problem FIRST (if you can).
He's only itchy on his face (ears, eyes, nose). I don't think he's allergic to his food because he's been on it since he was off his mom's milk. He only just started scratching the later part of January. But didn't start till we noticed really bad till febuary. When I brought him to the vet she said possible mites and gave me something like advantage for him. She said if it didn't clear in two weeks, to bring him back. So by friday we're bringing him back if it's not better. He started to get better, then now it's gotten back to the way it was :(

I might just bring him in friday to get a skin scrape. Just so I know for sure what's going on. If it is the mites. I read something on mites last nite and that's what it sounded like he had. So I dunno. :/
Oh, well if he is only itchy in those spots you don't have to sponge him down. I would just put the ACV in his food. Although I don't think this is something that ACV would clear up. But it won't hurt to add a tablespoon to the food.
Yeah I put some in his food. He's not liking it :/ lol He won't even go near his dish! Ahhhhh.

I'm sure it's mites :( I just don't know HOW he got them? Maybe from my cat back in Janury before he died? Because Bruno hasn't really been outside much and I'd imagine mites are like flea's and aren't out in the winter time? only way to get them during winter, again I'd imagine is from another animal?? It's just baffeling to me. I need it cleared up. Because I feel so darn abd for him :( He does have the stuff that is meant for mites on now. Just wonder how long it will take to work? He's had it on since the 16th.
Sarcoptic mange is the contagious mange...but I think the demodox mange is the one they get from the parents...since they have immature immune systems...Im not sure about this all. lol I think all dogs have a certain number of mites...its just that some puppies/dogs can't handle them. I heard rubbing fresh lemon on it as long as there is no open wounds can help...
All dogs have demodex mange mites. The mites don't usually cause a problem. When the dog's immune system is weakened, the mites have a chance to start doing some damage. It's kind of common for adolescent male Dobermans to have outbreaks of demodex. Puberty plays heck with their immune systems, whether they're neutered or not. In a puppy with a good immune system, the mange should stay localized to just a few small spots. That's called localized demodex. You can leave it alone and it will usually go away on its own.

If the dog's immune system is too weak, the mites will spread, that's called generalized demodex. That needs to be treated. There are various ways to treat it. Mitoban dips are often used for cases of generalized demodex, but it can be dangerous to the dog so needs to be done by a competent vet.

OTOH the other common mange mite is sarcoptic. It's important to take the dog to the vet for skin scrapings to find out what is causing the itching before trying to treat it.
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Here is a picture of how bad coco got last summer...we never found out for sure if it was mange or allergies...but it showed up in the spring and went away in the were hoping it doesnt come back this summer...but if it is might...hopefully not as bad atleast...he didnt itch...he just licked his legs all the time. yuck it got so bad but its gone now so it went away on its own...just whether or not it is going to come back...for the summer I dont know...

notice the hairloss around the eyes but he had no problems at all with his ears...

we got coco the winter before this outbreak...and he was only about 10 months old when we got he is probably about a year and a half here...he had a bad home...abused and alittle skinny...we he began to live with us...he shedded like crazy one time and grew silky hair in place of his coarse dry also changed color a little. then that summer is when he started to look like this. his groined area was red too...and redder on the days he was outside playing a lot...he didnt like walking in the grass...but we found some supplements that my mom would give him...neither a traditional vet nor our holistic vet even suggested it was mange...and insisted that it was allergies...
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Possible mites? No offense, but that doesn't make sense to me. Mites, like fleas, leave evidence that you can see in the ear (dark, coffee-ground-looking flecks). Furthermore, a cotton ball swab would confirm their presence, certainly under a microscope at the vet's office. Mites are tiny, but you can see their movement w/the naked eye and may even see be able to see the mites themselves with a magnifying glass. Perhaps you swabbed his ears out before you took him to the vet and inadvertently destroyed the evidence? Yes, IF your cat had mites they could have transferred to Bruno. There are many different kinds of mites but they're all nearly microscopic and they are located everywhere their food source (flesh) is. There are mites in YOUR bedding and in your pet's bedding and floating in the air all times of year, not just warm weather. When they find a comfy, warm place to live with a built-in food source, they congregate there--a good reason to clean the dog's outer ears regularly. You can't prevent mites--they're everywhere--but you can make the environment less desireable for them to want to stay and proliferate.

Are Bruno's ears stinky? That would tell me there's an infection deeper in. Does he shake his head like he's got crawlies way down in there? Or is he scratching only the skin of his eyes, nose, face because it itches on the outside? Don't discount the possibility of a food allergy yet. The breeder had Oscar on Science Diet but he can't eat it now w/o scratching and, believe me, I know how that will drive anybody crazy. I don't know where you live, but in my area, even a bag of super-premium dog kibble is cheaper than a basic office visit with the vet, so personally, I was glad to try that avenue first.

Also, consider an airborne allergy. Since it's his eyes, ears and nose that are bothered, could it be something he's breathing in, like some product you're cleaning with, or spraying in the house; or even pollen in the air when he goes outside?

LMB, I'm just giving info that I know from experience and making some suggestions because God knows how miserable Bruno must be and I'm sure you're looking for the fastest relief possible for him. Nobody likes to see her baby suffer. Good luck and I hope you both get relief fast.
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We aren't talking about ear mites. They would be in the ears. The dog's eyes look like he has demodectic mange. The scratching he's doing mean he's suffereing. He needs to see the vet for a skin scraping. If it shows demodectic mites(which cannot be seen by the naked eye) then you will know what the problem is. Ditto if a skin scraping shows sarcoptic mange mites.

It is possible for a dog to have mange and the skin scraping not to show it, it's sometimes necessary to do scrapings from several spots to be sure. The hair loos around the eyes is very typical of demodex.
Micdobe, just to be clear, the picture posted is NOT that of the dog I am talking about (posted by Luv My Bruno). I understand the difference between ear mites and mange.
the picture that is posted is from last summer of my other dog coco (lav mix)...just to make that I just dont want you guys to mix Bruno with that picture i posted. But you guys are probably talking about LMB's post with recent pics of bruno.
Thanks everyone ;)

No I did post a picture of Bruno where his eyes and nose are very evident to having something going on.

No his ear's are not affected and we didn't clean them before the vet. The vet checked them and said they were very good. The reason I'm thinking his ear's are getting sores is because he's trying to scratch his face, but is hitting his ears all at teh same time. Because his ears look great. No stink or anything. It's mainly his eyes and nose.

The vet did see him last week. She said that it looked like mites and gave me something for it. So I'm wondering if I should wait it out till she said? Or bring him back this week ASAP? A skin scraping is what she wants to do if it doesn't stop.

I also understand the bedding and stuff has to be washed. Which it is ;) I just wasn't sure where he could have gotten the mites. Because they weren't evident when we got him home in late November. But only started to affect him late January/beinning of Febuary. Which is when my cat had died (Urinary Tract infection, nothing to do with mites lol Don't even know if he HAD them, just thought it could be a possibility). And only NOW has it gotten as bad as it is. Which is why I brought it to the vets attention.
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Yes, I was responding to the picture posted of Bruno's face with the hair loss around his eyes. That is very typical demodex mange but it still needs to be diagnosed by a skin scraping. I don't understand why the vet didn't do the scraping first, then dispense medication.

Do you understand now *where* Bruno got the mites? He didn't "get" them, he's always had them. All dogs do.
Yeah, sorry I did read that lol. I understand that they do have them. I actually read something up on them last nite that said that. I just figured he got it from some where because it just happened so suddenly.

But the vet didn't do a skin scrape because Bruno was so scared. She said she wanted to try the stuff like Advantage and wait two weeks. So he wouldn't be scared of the vet. But I will bring him in this week to get it done. Because I want him to stop scratching :( and being in pain :(
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