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Apartments and Dobermans

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I am considering a move to the DC area this fall and also considering adding a Doberman to my home. However, the problem that I'm finding is apartments don't allow Dobermans out there! I've tried looking into the website, People with Pets, but the places it lists don't allow them either. I'm stuck as to what to do here!
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What do you mean they don't allow Dobermans? Are they crazy? Don't they know a Doberman is the best pet anyone could ever have? I hope you find a great place, and don't let a few no's stand in your way.
Apparently they're vicious liabilities! It's obsurd I know and some places said they'd accept them if they're guide/therapy dogs.
Welcome to the forum :)
Sorry you're having a tough time finding an apartment that allows Dobes. There are many reasons why landlords won't allow Dobes (or any of the "aggressive breeds"). One of the main reasons is liability. Many insurance companies either won't insure any number of these breeds, or charge much higher rates. On top of that, I'm sure many a landlord has been stuck with the mess left after someone bought a large dog with good intentions but just did not understand how destructive they can be without proper exercise (Dobes, especially young Dobes, need tons of it).
I don't think it's completely fair to say that a Dobe won't work in an apartment, it all really depends on how committed the owner is to making it work. But, unless the person is really committed to providing several long walks or better yet, run a day, rain or shine, cold or hot, it probably isn't a very good idea.
I know the amount of time a Doberman requires, as I've had some in the past and have a German Shorthair Pointer now. I'm not worried about giving them the exercise, I'm worried about finding a place that will allow them both.
I'm looking into that as well but am not going to be able to spend thousands of dollars to rent a house.
Are these written policies or is it just the landlord/superintendent saying they are not allowed?

If you go right out and ask if Dobermans are allowed in the building, a picky landlord may just say no. If you confirm dogs are allowed its possible there is no written rule that prohibits any specific breeds. Although just showing up with a large dog may get you off on the wrong foot with the landlord! Try asking if dogs are allowed and see if they'll give you a list of any banned breeds.
I've been going online to check out each apartment and they're all saying, "Restricted breeds include Doberman, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, etc." It's pretty clear cut. Some places said they'd accept a therapy/guide dog but that wouldn't be really feasible as I'd be getting a dog that more than likely didn't have those qualifications.
Hi and welcome.

If you could rent a small house with a yard that would be ideal. Breed bans are definitely something to think about with a Dobe. Even some insurance agencies will not insure your home based upon your dogs. Dobermans are not the easiest breed to own by any means, on many levels.

Awhile back while looking for a place to live, I ran into many apt. complexes and landlords that would not allow Dobermans. Although some, upon further questioning, said they did allow those breeds if they passed a temperament test, which I was okay with that.

Those were the ones I focused in on, where they didn't blanket breed ban per say, but did have rules about dogs, you can have dogs as long as they are under 20 lbs., no mean dogs (which doesn't always have to be a certain breed), only service/therapy dogs, etc.

I prepared a packet ( guidelines on the formation of such a packet can be found online : just go to google & search) and then I came ready to let them know I was a very responsible owner and any pets that I had were very well mannered, trained, and friendly. It made it easier b/c I show and have titles on my male Dobe. I stressed the show dog part, the kennel trained, potty trained, fully up to date on shots, friendly, etc.
I gave references to back up everything I said, from trainers, from the vets, etc.

And I even let them meet the breed =) That way they could see for themselves that some Dobermans are sweet and lovable and very well trained, not a threat at all. I had no problems after I did all of those things, in fact, I had too many to choose from.
Good luck.
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I know that some landlords (my parent's do this actually) will bend rules for adult dogs or dogs that have earned their CGC. Maybe if you weren't opposed to adopting an adult dog that is already trained, possibly already with his/her CGC, you'd get further in your search... Like D&D, present a positive and responsible front. On the other hand, from what I understand, many rescues insist on a fenced back yard, etc.
It stinks, BSL has screwed it up for so many people. I would love to have another Pit but I know that until my husband is out of the military and we're done moving around, I just can not have one. It's impossible to find places that will rent to you even if the City/State/Country allows them.
I agree with dobesanddragons, if your dog is friendly and well trained sometimes a little conviencing goes a long way. Letting them meet your dog can sometimes win them over.
On a side note, in Canada a landlord cannot refuse to rent you an apartment or house just because you have a dog. Of course like everything else landlords can get around this. Also if you can rent a house and exchange some of the yard work or fixing up the house for a lowered rent that could be an option. SELL YOURSELF & YOUR DOGS!!
I won't be getting the Dobe until after I move as I don't want to be moving with a new dog...too stressful for everyone involved! Not sure if I should focus on finding a place that will accept my German Shorthair and then work on finding a place that will accept a Dobe, or just start with a place that will accept a Dobe right off the bat.
start with a place that will accept your Doberman right off the bat. Makes life easier. Just like in my post, Okie-dobie summed it up well - sell yourself and sell your dogs.
Hi Mandalay
I live in MD just out side of DC and it is very difficult to find apartments in this area that will accept any kinds of pets at all. many that do will have weight restrictions (usually 40 lbs). and yes lots restrict by breed. all the usual suspects - renting houses can be very expensives so I understand your dilemma. are you looking in the district or in the suburbs? some areas in the disctrict and arlington/alexandria tend to be the most restrictive.

I don't know if you are coming here to work or school, but if you have some flexibility as to the area you might have mroe luck - the further out of the city you go there will be bigger places for less $$ and less restrictions. let me know if you have any questions about different areas out here - I would be happy to help.

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