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Anyone going to Traverse City show?

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I just wondered if any of you are going to the Traverse City, MI dog show on June 15 and 16. I went last year and it wasn't too helpful. For one thing, it was pouring rain and the dobes part was outside. There wasn't an announcer so I couldn't tell what was going on at all. I felt like kind of a dork standing there in the rain-I think I was the only spectator! I don't know if we'll get a puppy or rescue when the time comes, but I guess I'll go to the dog show again. Any helpful advice for research/watching dog shows?
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Poke around on the AKC site, there's tons on information there...
Bring a chair and buy the catalog. Have fun
Bring a chair and buy the catalog.
LOL, that's exactly what I was going to say!

The catalogs are usually for sale at the show superintendant's table. They're well worth the investment.
Thanks you guys. Okay, I'll buy a catalog this time!
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