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Anyone going to the Dobe show this Oct in MA?

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Just wondering if any of you are going to the big Dobe show in Fitchburg MA this October? I am thinking this might be a great place to meet breeders and start looking for another pup within the next year. I may want to get a show prospect. Do most breeders want co-ownership? Do you get complete ownership of the dog after he/she is finished? Any suggestions on how to break into showing? Any pointers on how to hire a handler?
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I am thinking about it, if not this year, next year for sure. I went to the one in Portland in 1995 with my Talon son and had a blast. Still have stuff that I purchased there. The shopping area can blow a big hole in plastic! It would be fun meeting folks here from all over the country. So many nice people here!

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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