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Any Thoughts

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Next week I will be getting a medical scooter to walk Buddy with I have been thinking ahead of time on which side of the scooter I should walk Buddy on. We have a Training facility here that trains dogs for the disabled I e-mailed them they said either side.
I was thinking if on the left side that would make him be on the traffic side but on the right side would make him walk next to the edge of the road where sometimes glass and all kinds of stuff is thrown.
In order to get to the gravel area where I hope to walk him we have to be in the street about 3 blocks. If we want to walk on the side walk we still have to be in the street about 2 blocks.
Of course i will be on the look out for glass and stuff so Buddy will not get hurt and will be on the look out for cars, hope to be able to pull up into a driveway when cars are close. I do not trust cars & trucks, hope to get a dole rod and a flag to put on the scooter to make us more visible.
Just trying to think ahead,we will be in the backyard going around & around till we both get the hang of it before going onto the street.
Patches Mom
Yes I'm one of those worriers try to plan ahead.
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