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The kong wobbler was pretty handy at giving our pup a more spread out, slowed down meal, mid day.

The food can barely come out a few pieces at a time, in which he eats, hen bashes it again and slaps it around til a few more come out.

We also feed him exclusively in his crate, for now. He can go in and out at his leisure when we're home and eat at his own pace. Sometimes he is a nibbler, play, nibbler, play, nibbler...and sometimes he finishes it all in one sitting.

Now, the drinking...that little boys accelerator has 4 turbos attached to it and is stuck to the floor.

It's like a boat motor with the blades half in the water, half out...and when he lifts his head up, half of what he thrashed around, drips back into the water bowl...or gets drug all over the first ten feet of the direction he gallops off too.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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