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We just bought a "bloat bowl" today too. You have to make sure when you are using these bowls that the dogs nose doesn't touch the bottom, we bought the medium for our girl as the large was too large even if full grown. Its made from a company in Germany. We were handfeeding initially but its not a good idea to do that because once they get used to it, its a really hard habit to break. What we are doing at our breeders suggestion and its working wonderful, is we are now putting her food in her crate and letting her eat it in there and then relaxing a bit to digest prior to taking her out. Its been much better feeding her this way because she is getting used to "chilling out" after she eats for a little bit because once they are full grown, I've been told that they shouldn't run around wild right after eating or drinking alot because then it ups the torsion/bloat risk. After about a half hour, ( we will increase this when she is full grown to about an hour) we let her out and whatever is left in the bowl we just throw away, then we take her out she does her business and life is good. :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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