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I disagree, if this info (and maybe it was ) around in the 6o`s most people would not have that kind of info (internet was not around) unless you were in the dobie circle and showing you would not know this. In the 60`s I was into horses and in the 70`s having babies. I feel like I am just now catching up with things that interest me. Dobies are one.

I like this statement.
Sheesbuzy (QUOTE)[Either way I think it is a personal preference. I can appreciate the beauty and characteristics of both liniage.
LOL! I just saw this reply from alwayshadpets. Believe me the disagreement was around and going on in the 60's. There have always been a few Euro imports coming in. Just recently there have been a lot more--partly because there seem to be more Euro puppy mills these days than there ever were in the past and the Euro bred added to North American lines is the "gimmick" sales feature at present.

The difference today really is the internet and forums, lists and boards like this. Information was harder to come by when it involved snail mail or the telephone. I was showing Dobes from 1960 on--so I was in Dobe circles and I saw some of the imports as they came along if they were on the west coast at all. Even then there was a different look to the Euro dogs.

But early on the biggest thing I disliked on the imports I saw in the 60's was temperament. Most of it was pretty iffy--a good many of them tended to be sharp shy.

Sheesbuzy (QUOTE)[Either way I think it is a personal preference. I can appreciate the beauty and characteristics of both liniage.[/QUOTE]

I kind of smile about the quote--if you get to the absolute bottom line--the lineage is the same--go back far enough and behind every Doberman are the same ancestors--and they were German. But over the years there has been a fairly noticeable separation between the Euro and North American dogs. That German standard change (which is what all FCI countries now judge Dobes by) was a perfect example of rewriting the standard to accomodate the dog that was being bred. Taller, straighter in shoulder--acceptably more rectangular. And it has been suggested in several of the threads about Euro vs American that the Euro dogs that make it to these shores are not the best of the Euro dogs.

I don't know....I don't care for the European look. They accept some faults that really bug me--cow hocks are common and they don't seem to bother the breeders, judges or owners. Most of the heads are unattractive to me. Occasionally I see a picture of a Euro dog that I quite like but I haven't seen one in person that does much for me.

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As a nurse, I always tell my patients, there is never a stupid question and if I don't know the answer I will direct you to someone that knows or can inform me.

I guess I equate this question to the question of "I'm new to the forum, What is the best food to feed my new Doberman." Although it is a very good question and there are very good answers, it has been discussed many many times here and all threads related to this type of topic can be found by using the site search engine. By now, I've done research on this forum and on the internet and it is now a very boring topic for me.

So.........use the search engine!
When I first found this site, the first thing I used was the search and found exactly what I was looking for without having to start a new thread. search: stinky doberman
(BTW, Rudi doesn't know he stinks a lot, so don't email him and tell him)

I highly value what is on this forum. You have longtime trainers and breeders as well as afficionados and then someone like me who rescued their first dobe 2 years ago. (and I am now hooked!) I use this forum (especially the search function) as my own personal stack of Doberman encyclopedias.

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I see alot of "observational" type posts in this thread which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you can't really make anything concrete from it. Selective breeding is an art form, and while there is a written standard for European and American liniage, you need to adress the fact that this art form gives *some* degree of personal interpretation... giving us differences (pedigrees) within American and European breeding programs. Thus, comparing different pedigrees from American and European lines is like comparing apples to oranges.

Really,the only true way to compare the two regional differences is to compare the written standards word for word. Both written standards are availible through the dpca.
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