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Alright you guys have asked for it!!!

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Picture of Raven as a puppy...We got her 2 days before Christmas 2000. She was my Christmas present. The first Doberman we had Since 1976. What a joy she has brought to our lives.. Sorry photos so big no time this morning to resize..

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Aww look at how small she was. What a cutie!
Awww where do they disappear to!! makes me want another puppy(NO way past mrs b)
awwww I love the one of her laying in someones legs! her eyes! haha
Oh how cute! The second one with her ears posted is my favorite. She was adorable. I have a picture of Rommel with a bow on his head like I will have to find it.
in that last picture she really looks litterally like a minature (doberman) pinscher
I love that little doberman black button nose dobes have when they are puppies. :)
Aww, very cute pics. I like the one in between the legs.
The second one is my favorite with her ears up. Her big eyes are so cute and lovable.
what a cutie pie. i get the feeling that the pictures are life size!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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