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Alpha -my little terror

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I cant express how much it hurts to have you put to sleep honey but the vet told me you'd only suffer. I miss you every time i take Breeze for a walk, it makes me cry to know you where hurting.

i miss you soooooo much babe and Breeze misses you too, she always looks for you on our walks and whines. i'm heartbroken you never got to live longer. I'm glad you got to romp around with Breeze your true dobie friend and Spud your other little mate.

sleep well honey i miss you loads xxxxxxxxxx
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Oh no... I'm so sorry... What happened with Alpha, what was wrong with her?
Oh no! Bless your hearts! Im so sorry please do fill us in on what happened to your baby.
awwww I hope you and your pack okay. What is her story? :( Give yourself and everyone that she has touched a hug for me!
sorry for not replying earlier, but as you can imagine i'm still missing and hurting from losing Alpha.

it all happened very quickly, i took the dobes to a new park with my sister and her dog Spud. At the time i didnt realise that the park wardens had put poison down to combat the vermin around the park. Alpha being a greedy dog had obviously eaten some of it and had gotten vey ill soon after we got home. She was rushed to the vets who tried and tried over the next day or so but unfortunately she was too far gone.

needless to say i will not be re-visiting that park or letting Breeze anywhere out of my sight.
it has made me very weary of what the Dogs are doing on their walks and i now watch Breeze like a hawk. I still miss her like mad, she had such a bad start in her little lfe (sorry im crying again), i only hope she enjoyed being with me and being spoilt in the little time i got to know her.

thanks for the kindness folks

anita and Breeze xx
awww I know it takes a long time to be able to be able to deal with a loving friend to physically not be there anymore. When my dice was put down I was so sad and had to be careful when and what I talked about at the risk of starting to work...or school...or whereever I mentioned something about Dice for a good 2 years and I still cry at times talking about it.
I wish places like parks would post if they spray with chemicals recently or at time I took a walk to the local baseball park and was walking around with Duchess then when I realized I havent seen one single dandelion in the grass I decided to walk on the concrete. We don't spray our yard with anything...I don't understand why people do...I'd rather be healthy and low maitenance then to have a flat yard of green grass. We have alot of clover in our front yard...and my mom said the neighbors will probably call and complain...but she said its a good sign that you have clover or something.
Especially with some of our dobes that are fans of eating grass...mulch...dirt...etc...that it would be nice to be warned about the conditions of grass...and mulch...
It takes time, but I hope you feel better and keep an eye on Breeze like you said everything will be fine. Im positive she enjoyed her life with you and loves you more than anything. feel better
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Very Sorry

Very sorry for your loss. The park should have been posted if poison was spread around. It won't bring your dog back but it might save another.
I am very sorry to hear about this.

I am all to familiar with rat poision. We lost a mother cat and 3 out of 5 kittens to it. :(

If you need to talk please feel free to pm me.
My condolences on your untimely loss. Best wishes...
I am stunned that the local authority allows this kind of thing to happen,what are they thinking of! My deepest sympathy goes to you and your family.
Very sorry to hear about your dog. I am also stunned that this was allowed to happen. What if it was a child that ate the poison ????
I'm so sorry for your loss.

so sorry.
Thanks for all the kindness it really helps. :)

I'll put the new pics of Breeze ive taken in my galllery as soon as i get more time. She really is helping me alot at the moment
So sorry to hear about your loss, it must have been awful for you. It is sad when they leave us but when they are young or in their prime it makes it even harder, especially to something like that.
ive uploaded some photos of Breeze to my gallery, they are a few weeks old as she has grown since these were taken, hope you like them
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