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Well Today was the first decent weather we have had in a while so I left the back door open for the dogs to run in and out in the back yard while mommy did work in the front yard.


Walked out side to see a shredded dog bed.. Bowls, collars, and other misc. items shredded in the back yard.

Exhibit A:

Dang we sure did teach those dragons look at all this fuzz!

I dont remember bringing this out here.

Mom I brought this collar out here for a reason dont take it back inside!GOSH

WHOSE GOT THE BALL NOW! Try an take it from me bet you cant catch me


I LOVE playing keep away (cough - camera ham)

Maybe if I bite him hard enough he will drop it!

AHHH YOU GOT ME! i give up Take it!

The white dog is my roommates pit bull- Dalmatian mix .. I think the damage total was between $100-$200 but all said before all you can do Is laugh and grab your camera

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They clearly had a great time.
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I'm sure they thought with all that dog smell on the bedding, there had to be a bone somewhere.
I think once they discover something has innards, its like finding a surprise in a cracker jack box.
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