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Albino Rescue in need of home on myspace

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Cane is a 7 or so yr old male neutered albino Doberman. I am extremely picky about the home he goes to, here is his story. He came into the shelter where I work after being found wandering loose. His owner was finally found but said she did not have the $ to get him out. Being as it was around Christmas time, I raised the small amount of $ w/ the help of my other Dobis training class. When we contacted Canes owner to tell her, she said never mind she didnt really want him back. I decided to take him home for a few days as it was very cold out and he seemed a bit arthritic. Upon closer examination it was discovered he had either a problem w/ his neck or something neurological.

A friend of mine paid for his visit w/ the veterinary neurologist. X-rays and an exam later he was tentatively diagnosed w/ Wobblers, a common disk problem in Dobis. The myelogram and surgery would cost upwards of 3K, $$ I didnt have to spare. Another of my friends works for a local veterinary surgical specialist and was able to get him to donate a myelogram, which confirmed the Wobblers. We began a trial of steroids as this has helped in other cases. Cane showed a little improvement but the steroids caused him to urinate constantly and getting up and down my steep stairs was a struggle. The vet agreed to do the Wobblers surgery (ventral slot surgery) as a teaching case for his intern. My friend and the other staff donated their time to help out. After several months of trying steroids and coordinating schedules, Cane finally had his surgery in June. I was allowed to watch and in my 13 yrs as a vet tech, Ive never seen anything quite like it. They go in thru the bottom of his neck, near his trachea. They cut all the way down until the spinal cord. Then they have to delicately pull off the scar tissue and other stuff that has built up to make this problem. Then they go in and cut off some of the spinal column that is pressing on his spinal cord and causing the problem and fill the rest in w/ bone glue. Basically they are breaking and re-fixing his neck.

He improved rapidly after surgery, slid back a little and is now on track again. Though his walk is off and may always be, he is placing his feet nearly perfect when he walks. It can take several more months for us to see full results and the joy of the surgery is that he will never get worse and can live a full happy life. The wobblers hasnt kept him from doing much. He still does his best to be a happy dog. Sure he cant run as fast as the other dogs, though he does try. He cant jump on the bed like the other dog (but hey, thats a plus, ever tried sleeping w/ 2 Dobis and a zoo of cats?). He falls down every now and then, but gets right back up. Slippery stairs can be a bit tricky going up and down, but he has a special harness that makes it easy to guide him up and down.

He really is a great dog. He doesnt have any of the other skin problems that albino Dobis sometimes have. He gets along great w/ my other Dobi, though sometimes likes to pretend he is boss. However my 3lb Chihuahua can chase him away from the food bowl and steal treats w/ no problem. Cane loves food and will eat anything, and I mean anything you offer him. When not on steroids he appears housebroken. He has been great w/ kids he has met. He will bark when someone comes to the door, but is eager to welcome them in case they have a treat or want to pet him. He gets along great w/ my cats. However he has this thing for chasing a few of the feral cats I feed, its like an obsession. Also he wants to try and chase any new foster cats I bring home, he has never tired to attack them and give him a bone and he forgets about them in 5 minutes. He seems to have a healthy respect for whatever animals come with a house. My friend w/ 6 cats has fostered him for me many times with no problem.

Cane loves to nurse blankets and often does for comfort. He wont steal any blankets off of couches or beds, but if its on the floor, he feels he can nurse it. The 1st several days in a new environment (he has been to several of my friends houses as well as the vet). He can have a small bit of separation anxiety. He is NOT destructive to anything, but simply whines because he is sad. He is a great talker when he wants attention. I love Cane with all my heart and want to see him find the perfect home.

He is great for someone looking for a slightly calmer dog to just hang with. Please pass this on to everyone you know and let me know if you have any questions.

More pictures of Cane can be seen @
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Tyson said:
just have the albino put to sleep and then he can rest and you can 2
such a troll!

No one wants albino's bred but they are still Dobermans and deserve a good home just like any dog.
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