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velmadobe said:
such a troll!

No one wants albino's bred but they are still Dobermans and deserve a good home just like any dog.

BINGO....The comment made by Tyson was an awefull ugly thing to say.

and wanted to add....he looks like a sweetheart, and i would love to have another dobe someday. Sadly that day is not today. But I have made up my mind. though my dogs are still young i have Vegas the dobe and Reno the min pin. Things happen all the time so if i ever lost one of them i would want to rescue a dobe. That and moving with the military and so on and so fact we might be moving soon and of all places...southern CA. I have heard bad things on trying to find a place to stay that will allow dobermans. *deep breath* We will see. Im also in the myspace group, and what to keep updated on what happens to this guy.
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