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Our club sponsored an agility trial this weekend so Oscar and I were there to help out. (I was taking pictures, and Oscar was basically extorting attention from anyone who would provide it.) We were settled in ringside before 7 AM and our oldest club member came and sat next to me. She had her cup of coffee in hand, laid her donut on her thigh and let out a soft sigh after finally getting comfortable in her chair. She said hello to Oscar then turned her attention to me...well, that was his slow motion, he tilted his head sideways, opened his mouth wide like an alligator, silently grabbed the poor little old lady's donut off her leg and swallowed it in one bite, leaving no evidence! Hey, it was blueberry, and that's his favorite! I could not stop laughing! Thank goodness she's a good sport and there were plenty more donuts.

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I took for our club newsletter:
Of course border collies dominate the sport:

Sassie the Springer on deck:

A Canaan dog:

Here's the dobie (no it's not Oscar--we don't do agility):

Someone took Oscar over a practice jump:

Strange thing that the standard poodles move very slowly and cautiously through the weave poles. There were some beautiful poodles (but they were no Doodle):

Various participants:

Oscar's favorite pastime is soliciting kisses from willing ladies:

My favorite shot of the day:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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