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always the best piece of advice I can offer is to take it slow and don't push things. Speed will not be a problem with your dobe trust me!!! You can see losts of dogs buzzing around 90 to nothing but dropping bars left and right. What's the point with speed if your gonna NQ because your dropping bars and not sticking your contacts. Remember it is better to be slow and accurate than to be fast & sloppy.
I have started Gaston in beginner agility and he is awesome, but I have to reel him in sometimes because he is soooo wired!!!!
I have competed in the past with my mini schnauzers and they earned their excellent titles in both standard & jumpers. It is a whole new ballgame running a big dog and I'm loving it!!!! I will have to teach Gaston to read the numbers and stand in the middle & point, LOL because he is like a blur on the course. Boy does he give me a work out!!!!!
Also remember your doing this to have fun with your dog and fun you will have and if you should qualify well that's just icing on the cake!!!!
Good Luck to you and wishing you clean runs!!!!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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