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Your puppy is defending himself from YOUR aggression! Knock it off! If a strategy is not working, that doesn't mean you do it more, it means you find a new strategy.

Puppies bite. It hurts sometimes. Welcome to puppies.

Biting can be made worse by over-excitement... are you wrestling and playing very actively until he looses control? Lower the energy level of the play BEFORE he looses control.

Biting can be made worse by over-tiredness. If your puppy needs a nap to settle down, crate him for a bit and allow him to sleep.

Biting can be made worse by an over-abundance of energy. Is your puppy getting enough running and playing exercise?

Your puppy will reflect your energy level. Calm down. S-l-o-w your motions, lower and slow your voice. The kind of disciplinary actions you are using is adding energy to an already out-of-control situation.

Find alternative targets for the pointy sharp teeth... keep toys on you, and substitute those for your body parts and clothing.

Your puppy is a baby. You need to help him find the dog inside that you want to live with. Find a good puppy class and GO. You will learn how to teach your puppy so that it is enjoyable for the both of you. You will learn strategies for dealing with the normal puppy stuff. Hopefully, you will learn some patience and how to be nurturing instead of adversarial while you help your baby puppy to grow up.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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