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Over in this country we have an advertisement for toilet paper(Andrex) which involves a cute Golden Labrador puppy taking the end of the roll and running all round the house trailing this toilet paper behind it,Well here is what would have happened if they had got a Dobie pup to do the advert!!
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That puppy looks like it's taking great joy in what it's doing LOL
That is funny. That reminds me of what my sisters St. Bernard did yesterday at my parents house. She ran into the bathroom and grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll and unrolled it all the way to the kitchen through the house. It was funny to follow since it was still attached in the bathroom on the holder. Strong toilet paper.
Java did the same thing as a pup - grabbed the end and raced through the main floor of the house. Once she realized that it was still attached, she'd run back, doubling up the TP and start biting the middle doing the famous Dobe stuffie-killer head shake. Could not get mad at her, esp since son did the same thing to me when he was just over two (with the exception of the stuffie-killer head shake....)!!
My guy years ago was notorious for the toilet paper el destructo, all the time. We had to try to remember to keep the doors closed to all our washrooms, not because of the garbage cans, but the sacrid roll of toilet paper. That film clip brought back alot of memories, thanks for the smile again brum.
You are exactly right about how the commercial would go! LOL
So cute!! Will NOT be letting Diesel watch that vid, don't want him getting any ideas!!
That is to funny, what is it about t.p. that dogs just love?
Couldn't find the advert in full but found some outakes on youtube,just as darn cute as the advert though.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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