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I saw this story online at WKRC, Ohio:

A local couple saves a dog from the animal shelter and he repays his new family the very same day. Lee Littler and his wife Elizabeth brought "Hercules" home from the Highland County Humane Society Wednesday, just days before he was due to be euthanized.

Some hikers found the Saint Bernard injured and dehydrated last month. Lee was taking Hercules outside that night, when the dog started growling and charged after a man who had broken into the family's basement. Hercules managed to bite the burglar as he climbed a fence to get away. "Originally me and my wife were talking about just nursing him back to health from injuries then finding him a good home but now talking like he earned his place to stay."

Police say the home's cable and phone lines were apparently cut by the would-be crook, before Hercules stepped in.

Hercules needs some care. He weights 135 pounds but ideally he should weigh about 100 pounds more than that.

Video of Hercules the Saint Bernard
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