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acute diagnosis for kidney what

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My dog's labs have just been returned by two vets I contacted for a second opinion.It appears my dog has lost kidney function,but is not anywhere near failing...yet.He is now on a low phos diet and until I get more info we will be using the vet prescribed kibble diet.

Thus far he appears to be healthy.I know very well that is an illusion.It a question of time and halting the speed of further degeneration.We had labs done for a wellness check-up earlier this year.He was within normal ranges.We just had testing done for a pre-op and it came back off the charts.All wrong for kidney function.We retested,I didn't want to believe the results.No change.Consulted two vets for second opinions.Same results and prognosis.

What started the testing in the first place was his needing a dental.His mouth is a mess and I can't get it into shape at home.I have decided to go ahead with the dental with pre and post op meds.Could his teeth be putting too much stress on his system?

Am I making a poor choice with this?Opinions please and welcomed.

Vet diet.........good or bad.....raw feeders....any input?

I found a raw diet online that was low phos.It balanced out with calcium added equal to phos.I don't know what to make of this.I am looking into it.I really don't know anything about true raw feeding.

I'm desperate right now and I think diet is the only chance he has long term.At the rate he's going getting his teeth cleaned up is now or never.I don't know what else to do.I've never dealt with acute kidney disease.

Any suggestions or advise is appreciated and needed.Thank you.
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