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Ok, so the vet isnt open for another 11 hours. Over the past few days ive noticed that king is getting what looks to be acne all over. Mostly on his belly and chest. he is off the prednisone right now, which is probably why its poping up now and not before. Id post pics, but my computer is on its way out, and for some reason feels the need to crash when i try to transfer pics form the card to the computer.

Here is a description.

Small "acne" like bumps on and around the armpits of his rear legs, his chest, side, and about 4 inches up from his genetles.

Also, this has been going on for a while, and i asked the vet about it before, but is it normal for him to have a greenish/yellowish gew coming from his penis?
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Doesn't sound normal to me... Not so sure about the acne either... So I'm basically useless... Sorry...
Let us know though what the vet says when you talk to him... He should be giving you frequent flyer miles or something!
lol, when i went in today for a cone i said, "I should have a prefered customer card or something". They know me by name, and every girl that works there knows Kings case. I never have to even mention who i am. I just call and say, "id like to bring king in today" and they say, "ok Tom, bring him in a ____."

not sure if i should be happy or sad about
All is well. The "acne" is an allergic reaction. Which leads him to believe this is a serious allergy rather than anythign else. I haven an appointment on the 2nd and the 6th of march. on the second it is a followup on how the new meds are working. the 6th is my free visit with a dermatologist. Oh yeah, have i mentioned that i havent paid for a visit since i complained?:dancing_b
So, your vet is conceding and free appts are his way of refunding?
CoAl-s-Mom said:
So, your vet is conceding and free appts are his way of refunding?
i guess so. im not complaining.:dancing_b
TomAndKing said:
i guess so. im not complaining.:dancing_b
I wouldn't either! Glad you finally get to see a dermatologist too.
Well great news Tom, not that it is an allergic reaction of course, but it's good to have an answer at least to it, and that the vet is finally helping YOU out.
Was the 'acne' and discharge an allergic reaction to the meds?
Now i am by no means an expert on dogs....However, I prefer male dogs. Every male dog I have had growing up and till now. Their penis will leak like drops of yukky stuff. The vet I asked about it told me that it was normal. just little bits of fluids that kinda drain out alittle. But that is not to say that your dogs wasnt happing because of a reaction or whatnot.
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