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How old is Diesel again?

I would feed Lexus at about 6-7pm when she was like 5 months old then with the occasional treat after, not again till about 6am (was up to get the kids moving for school by then). I generally never pulled her water,but just made sure she didn't really go at it before bedtime, she cried to go outside when she had to go in the night. I think she watched the clock as she woke me up at a consistant 5-5:15 am every morning.

For her it, as her willpower got better to "hold it" she just stopped waking me up. She still wake up and rustle about in her crate a little, but as long as she didn't whine, I told her to shush.

It's the same even now, she will wake up, and by process of so, wake me up with the intensity of her STARE. But as long as she doesn't whine, I tell her to plotz, and she lays quietly. (Untill the STARE gets the best of me....)
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