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Yesterday was the noodles SECOND BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday to my blueblurry boy, my rahman noodle, my rahrah-sisboombah.

I never could have imagined early last year when I still had Bowie that there could ever be another dog in my life. That there could be another dog that could ever come close to meaning as much to me as Bowie did. If you had asked me after losing Bowie if there could ever be a dog that would be able to fill that gigantic hole he left, even just a little bit, I would have laughed in your face and assured you there could never be one.

And I would have been wrong. So very wrong. Rah was meant to be, plain and simple. Divine intervention that landed him at DRU barely 48 hours before I ended up there looking for a bitch. Divine intervention that made our paths cross. Divine intervention that made him everything I was looking for and then some.

Rah has become so much to me, not a replacement for Bowie, but a dog that I know Bowie would be happy to know I have. Every night when we cuddle on the couch and before I go to sleep I think Bowie for sending me a beautiful blue boy like my Rah. His head butts, his adorable snappy teeth, his paw punches, his way of walking in a room and owning it. His hugs, his gentle kisses, the laughter in his eyes when he figures out how to get what he wants.

Rah brightens my life every day he is in it, and I am blessed to have him now. I am blessed that I have had not just Bowie as a heart dog, but Rah as well - and there is space enough for both of them.

Happy 2nd birthday, my noodle!

the first day I brought him home...

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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