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a Nice romantic the vets!

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Well Hubby finally got home from traveling, at 3 am friday. the kids were going to their dad's for the weekend. What could be better?

Hubby all to myself and no kids, toss in a little candlight. we planned to open some nice wine, he got the fresh bread and a little brie all to be enjoyed in front of the fire place. our two perfectly behaved dobes snoozing in front of the fire. A nice quiet romantic evening while it stormed outside.

Well, it didn't quite turn out that way. when he got home from an appointment, Molly had gotten a bottle of all purpose cleaner off the counter chewed hole in it - naturally - and there were no puddles to be found. The bottle had been at least half full and when jason got home it was empty.:eek2:

Well with no way of knowing, but compleletly suspecting Molly drank the whole thing it was off to the vets like a bat out hell with both doberkids. I was on my way home and was calling the maker to find out what exactly was in this stuff.

The vet rushed them both in and checked them out, looked at the bottle of cleaner and called the ASPCA poison line and was told not to worry. they might get sick, but it was non toxic.

Fortunately for us we had just switched to the Imus Ranch Greening the Cleaning window and all purpose cleaners. (with my health issues, I'mtrying to get as many chemicals out of the house as possible). I can vouch for the fact they clean great. it gets the lovely dobe spit/snot combo off the windows by the front door like a charm. and as we have now discovered that a 60lb dobe can drink a half bottle of it and not even get the runs! it actually smells good too.

so for all you folks out there whose dobes have Satan somewhere in the pedigree, you may want to consider getting this stuff to avoid any problems in the future. Molly is a world class counter surfer (she can even get stuff out of the kitchen sink!) and we are usually pretty good about getting things out of reach when we go out, but this freaked us out pretty well.

needless to say, waiting for your dogs to start throwing up or getting diarhea sort of takes the edge of a romantic evening.......

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I am SOOOO relieved to hear that both Molly and Pollo are okay!!!!! Great recommendation on cleaning products too!! Thanks goodness you had switched products!
Awww CM, what a bummer that your evening was ruined but I am glad they are both ok. I have one counter surfer and one that isn't and I am sure ya'll KNOW which is the surfer HAHAHA. I think I am raising Cain and Abel in the feminine scenario.

Anyway, maybe another night for the candles and romantic night, I know they are few and far between when there are kids in the house, I am the mother of 4. My time is coming though cause my two youngest are getting much closer to adulthood.
Better to be safe than sorry,there will be other nights for romance.
we really were very lucky. this was the first time we had tried the greening the cleaning stuff and have been happy with the way it cleans.

and apparently Molly is thrilled with the way it tastes lol. Anyway, I highly recommend it. we had to order on-line, but it is starting to show up in stores and in Linens and Things.

Sorry about your night of romance but glad that baby's are ok. It really don't matter if it's human/pet kids they always to find some way to upset a romantic night with hubby. Well seems like that some times.
I am glad that they are doing fine. I am sure it was a huge relief. There hopefully will be another day for a rain check on that evening. Maybe complete with the rain.
I'm not worried about thei time with hubby. we're still reasonably young. I just hope Molly the four legged shopvac hasn't developed a taste for household cleaner

Wow, that would have scared me too! I am glad the kids are okay. Sounds like Molly has learned a new way to get mom and dads attention :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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