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I have photos of Java and her littermates w/ their ears attached to the foam coffee cups on their heads, looking like a doggie Shriner's convention. I don't have any photos of her right after cropping, but have seen photos of other pups and the ears look worse before they look better, with the scabbing and swelling. Our breeder had the ears done and after they started to scab over, would pierce a Vit E capsule and apply it to the scabs. Promotes sloughing of the dead skin and prevents scarring, plus keeps skin leather supple. Itching is a sign of healing, and you may want to pick up a collar or two to prevent scratching.

Re: had tremors - thanx for the info. I had no idea that they could signify a more serious problem. Java has this type of tremor when she is cold, and her head and shoulders shiver. It's as if the cold is coming out of her. Once she is under a blanket, the shivering subsides.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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