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Today our club had a publicity booth at the LSU vet school. We set up a booth and a small agility course. Kyrah and I have not done agility for quite sometime. I want to say since probably around Oct '11. Of course people wanted to see some people run. I went there to help set up and embarress myself. Last time we helped with the booth in I believe Aug '11, she wouldnt even look at me much less jump anything.

Today she SHOCKED me and focused on me! She did GREAT! Of course I need to get my act together. I SUCKED! LOL

Oh and all the petting she allowed today with no reaction was absolutely the BEST!

Now I am not happy that I have to go out of town and leave my very good girl at home. :( But I can tell she is ready for a good nap! I am trying to keep her up until I have to leave.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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