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On Saturday Apollo passed his basic training class! our instructor also is qualified to test for CGC and with a tad more work on the loose leash and recall from a stay, he should pass his CGC.

it was pretty funny when we did the recall. he we was the perfect little saint for his sit/stay and his down/stay. he let the instructor do the grooming bit.

then I put him in a down/stay and walked about 20-30 feet away he didn't move a muscle, never took his eyes off me (good boy). then I uttered the magic words, "Pollo, come".

Well. you would have thoght that he was launched out of a rocket. he went from zero to 60 in about 2.3 feet and was going so fast that he blew right by me and couldn't stop in time for the end of the ring and had to jump the fence!!!lol. the little angel turned around and ran back to me properly thru the entry way and after a couple of wiggly laps around me finally sat.

Bev our instructor, was laughing so hard, Pollo naturally had to go make sure she was ok, so he went bombing over to her. and then back to me. and then back to her. and the game was on.:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

so, I figure if we just do a teensy bit more work on recall and control, we should be able to get our CGC, no problem.....

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